Do You Know How to Clean DVDs?

Previously DVD’s were mainly used just for watching videos with a DVD player, however, it is now widely used as a storage medium for saving various computer data. Individuals who utilize computer systems very regularly for their jobs or personal duties, move around thousands of invaluable information on their computers daily that at some point has to be stored elsewhere if the hard drives space depletes, the computer crashes or malfunctions. There are those who still enjoy viewing movies from their DVD players, who might want to create duplicates of all their favorite videos. With so many uses for a DVD disc, the disc may move around a lot which causes the DVD to get scratched or dirty which makes it difficult for the computer or DVD player to read its contents and so the disc will have to be cleaned. There is more than one method(s) for cleaning a DVD, that is effective which this article will discuss.

Required Tools:

Soft cloth or rag

Required Materials:


Rubbing Alcohol


Instructions are as follows:

  1. You can try cleaning the DVD disc by utilizing a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth without the use of any cleaning solution to start wiping it off. Just start cleaning from the center of the disc and wipe straight out towards the edges. This process will aid to prevent the scratches from affecting the performance or the information from being read.
  2. Rubbing alcohol can be incorporated with water to formulate a cleaning agent for the DVD. Make the mixture with the same quantities of alcohol and water. Then moisten the cloth with the cleaning solution and wipe off the disc. This will take out any form of stain or fingerprints and the solution dissolves very rapidly without leaving any residue.
  3. Glass cleaner is also an excellent solution for wiping off DVD discs. Just put some glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and then utilize the rag to clean the DVD. This is especially helpful if you are attempting to get off sticky substances like soda from off the DVD.
  4. Toothpaste can also be used on the disc to buff out minor scratches. All you have to do is just mildly add a dab of the abrasive toothpaste to the scratched area and apply some water to buff it out.

Tips and Warnings

*Whenever you have done using a DVD, practice to put it back into the case or DVD pouch after using them. When the disc is exposed it is at risk of being placed on a rough surface which can damage it and cause you to lose data. Keep DVD disc away from constant sunlight, heaters, radiators, or any other area that produces plenty of heat because the heat can cause damage.

*Whenever you are holding a DVD disc avoid touching the surface of the DVD and instead hold it from the center or around the borders. Each time you come in contact with the surface of the disc, oil from the skin imprints on the surface and leave back smudges and fingerprints.

*Never clean a DVD disc by rubbing it in a non-radial back and forth motion, moving from the center hole to the outer borders and when wiping try to be as mild as possible.

*Microfiber cloths work very well for wiping off DVD’s because the tight weave of the cloth, pulls the dust and helps to keep it from smudging the surface of the DVD. Also, try not to use the cleaning agents that have acids as an ingredient.